Our Trip

On August 10, 2010 we started our adventure… our long-dreamed-of ALL AROUND THE WORLD TRIP (or „half-world-trip“) – a dream we carried in our hearts and minds for a very long time. Many of you asked us to please keep in touch, send pictures or start a blog. Well, actually this is quite fun and we would love to share our stories with you. Brigitte also likes to write and it’s a great way for us to remember the journey until the rest of our lives. So, nothing fancy – a simple WordPress blog and let’s go!

How it all began
We remember the time when we started to think about our worldtrip. We were 19/20 years old and traveled a bit in Europe whenever time and work allowed. Back in those days, we never thought our dream would come true one day.

Day 1 - La Guardia Airport in New York

Many people asked us this year: „Why are you doing a world trip? And why the heck for such a long time?“ Although not everyone can quite understand it, we definitely think that we took the right decision! We consider the months (probably ~ 9 months)  that lay ahead of us less as a classical vacation and more as a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal growth, exploration and independence.

Well, honestly, sometimes the whole thing was kind of „freaky“ for us too. We left all we care about, the comforts we were used to and a career or a somewhat consistent life… for a life containing nothing more than what we can actually carry on our backs. Still, it’s an amazing chance to discover new cultures and customs, to meet people from all around the world, to find untouched nature, to be inspired, to collect new ideas, to find new energy as well as to discover ourselves and broaden our horizon.

What Striked Us The Most Before We Left Connecticut?
Mmmh, maybe the fact that we didn’t have a return flight after our first 2 weeks in Belize and a couple days in Tulum/Mexico. We jumped on another plane to explore new continents. Friends of ours told us before that this would be the time when we would first realize what is really happening… and it’s true! That was the moment when our trip really started!

NEW (4. June 2011): Our Trip Around The World – A Flexible Schedule
Finally… our route map. We could have started this interactive map a long time ago – we know – but somehow we never had the patience and/or a speedy internet connection to design it. Well, when we look at it now – nearly at the end of our journey – we think it’s incredible… have we really been to all these countries? Wow, wow, wow!! It’s been a very long journey and behind every dot there are so many memories, thoughts and experience. And one of the best things was, that we could constantly change plans and were as flexible as we could. And actually, there is still so many place left to discover!!

Click to enlarge map

Take good care!
Much love,

Robert & Brigitte

Robert Huber
Brigitte Platzer


  1. ja der Weg ist das Ziel, liest sich immer wieder schoen….Dad

  2. Wow…. this is wonderfull. Love to read it, hope you will continue, for the ramainder of the trip. It’s bettter than the travel channel 🙂

  3. Uff, toll geschrieben. Viel Spaß.

  4. GREAT!!!! Eine super Idee und sehr gut geschrieben. Hoffe noch viel von euch zu lesen. Enjoy and live 🙂
    PS: Das ist besser wie jeder Lonley Planet oder Loose, na vielleicht finden wir so unser nächstes Urlaubsziel.

  5. bin begeistert und warte auf den Bericht aus „Puffy’s Bar“ 🙂

  6. Servus Ihr Zwei,

    bin heute zufällig auf Facebook über den Link zu eurem Blog gestolpert. Zum Glück!
    Sehr interessant für fernwehgeplagte wie mich und noch dazu trainier ich ein wenig meine English skills.

    Viel Spaß auf der Tour

    • Hey Tobi,

      vielen Dank!! Und einen guten Wiesn Start uebrigens 🙂

      Robert & Brigitte

  7. just got the link from Karl! by now I need some time to catch up with the stories but I will 🙂
    how about taking my pos for a year when you return? 😉
    take care both of you and enjoy!

  8. Meine Lieben,

    was für tolle Bilder und immer dieserAct mit den Bilder und eurer Seite- das ist einfach WAHNSINN!! Und Gille Du strahlst mit den Bilder um die Wette, Neuseeland- was für eine tolle Natur!!! Ich glaub da muss ich och mal hin mit dem Herrn S. 🙂
    Bald ist Christkindzeit und es schneit und schneit- erinnere mich noch gerne an Silvester mit Dir und Senior Roberto ; ) Lasst es Euch gut gehen- ihr 2 Hoppelhasen:)
    GLG knutsch Sandy

    • Liebe Sandy,

      Haben uns so ueber Deinen suessen Kommentar gefreut. Dank Dir!!! Und JA, da musste unbedingt den Herrn S. mal hinschleppen… nach Neuseeland. Da wuerde es Euch auch sehr gut gefallen. Koennen uns dann gerne vorher zum Essen treffen und Euch bei einem Glaserl Wein a paar Reisetipps geben ;-).

      Denken auch gern an letztes Jahr Silvester zurueck. War so scheeeee… happy singing 😉 war das auf jeden Fall!!

      Was macht Ihr in diesem Jahr??

      Pass auf Dich auf!
      Ganz LG und Schmatz zurueck!!

  9. Hi Brigitte and Robert, great update of your incredible journey route, congratulation!
    Greetings Dad from Seoul

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