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The Glamourous Heart Of Asia

Photos Singapore

Our stay in the heart of Asia – Singapore – was short and due to the current „Indonesia-Relax-Mode“ we almost forgot to post some pictures or stories. Well, we only had 2 days and we will return for a day or two before we return to Germany, but of what we could see this city is unlike any other place in Southeast Asia: no cows in the streets, no people carrying heavy loads on their backs, only a few food stalls which are clean but still pricey, crazy traffic but very regulated and controlled or no markets with meat and veggies cooking in the sun.

It’s just a small country, but it has managed to become one of the world’s largest trading centers in the world. Financial opportunities are vast – Singapore not only appears rich and glamorous with all its high-end shopping centers, luxurious restaurants or well-maintained parks, it also appears extremely clean and pure! It’s good that we are not spending too much time there – this city is outrageously expensive – more expensive than NYC!

A Life In Harmony
Other than that we learned that Singapore strives for a life in harmony for all the ethnic groups that settled in the region. So much indeed ,that the state sets ethnic group quotas for communities. This means, for instance, that some housing blocks can only rent out flats to a certain percentage of Malaysians, Chinese, Indians etc.

A City Full Of Rules & Regulations
Never ever have we seen so many prohibition signs!! Public places are full with rules and codes of conducts about cleanliness, friendliness and general „do’s and don’ts“. There are enormous fines about so many things: smoking in certain public places, eating durian fruit in the subway (a fruit with an intense odor),  riding a bike through a pedestrian underpass, using cell phones, crossing a street where there is now pedestrian crossing, and, and, and. Until 2004 they even prohibited the import of chewing gum as gum was seen as pollution in public spaces. We even read that after the law was abolished, the chewing gum buyer had to show a doctor’s prescription plus an ID card to the vendor… Crazy, huh?

Nevertheless, all these regulations seem to work pretty well, the state has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, but still, many of these prohibition signs may only serve as intimidation.

Finally, it was a nice visit, especially because we got to meet Kerstin, a friend from Munich who is also traveling for several months. Singapore, as we came to realize, would definitely be an interesting place to live with an awesome climate all year round. However, it feels much more like a big US or European city. Our second visit next week will mainly consist of shopping, shopping and eventually shopping!!!!! We could have bought so many nice souvenirs, gifts and cheap clothing during the last year, but well, we didn’t. Too much to carry, too much ballast… But YES, finally we are able to buy a few things, because it’s our last stop and we won’t have to carry our load for several more month.

But before engaging in some serious bargain hunting we will enjoy our last days in Ubud… Our Bali „Eat, Pray, Love” retreat :-).


  1. Hallo Brigitte & Robert, wir haben die Singapore Fotos auch mit Philipp und Oma angesehen – heute habe ich auch den Bericht gelesen. Es ist so eine andere Welt im Vergleich zu Euren anderen Berichten und Verbote ueberall, fast wie Deutschland wuerde Ralph sagen :-)), also wuenschen Euch eine schoene Zeit Bussi Dad & Ma

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