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XXL World Trip Adventures for Dad

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It was a super nice and very spontaneous surprise that Brigitte’s father visited us for a few days in Cambodia. As he was on a business trip in China and Korea, he was able to take a little detour before heading back to Germany.

After the first day, my father mentioned that we would treat him like a royal visitor. Well, of course, because we were just really excited about it as we hadn’t been around family or friends since last August! Sure, we always have each other and we appreciate that; it’s wonderful to have all these experiences together, but sometimes you simply do miss your beloved ones… your friends!

When you travel you definitely meet a lot of people – unique personalities from all over the world. We’ve had lots of great encounters, many fun and interesting talks. However, most of these encounters are only „loose“, but still friendly acquaintances. After a few hours or days, everyone is heading in different directions. Conversations remain on the surface and don’t go as deep as the faithful conversations with our friends. Thus, it was such a pleasant and nice change to have a close friend here with us.

We spent five days together, traveling through the country – from Siem Reap to Battambang, Kampong Chhnang and Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Deliberately we have chosen a route that was a bit off-the-beaten-track. Hey, after all, it was our intention to give our „royal visitor“ the real thing – the real backpacking adventure :-).

And quite frankly speaking, we had it all:

  • bargaining odysseys with tuk-tuk drivers
  • bumpy back country roads,
  • asian bargain massages
  • street vendors confronting us with the same thing over and over again:
    „Hello Sir, please buy, Sir, only 1 dollar, Sir, please buy“,
  • close encounters with cows and water buffalos on rice paddies,
  • an extraordinary day in the orphanage,  introducing our ambitious English students to him,
  • lots of great talks with locals in general… when we stopped in a
    village outside Battambang, a bunch of kids was so happy to see us that they jumped all over us,
  • unfortunately we also had heartbreaking moments, e.g. when we were surrounded by begging children or mine victims,
  • then we had an amazing temple-hopping tour at Angkor Wat – an astounding, proud and vast wonderland of Khmer architecture that we will never forget,
  • an out of the ordinary and definitely memorable lunch at a street food
    kitchen was also one highlight… We remember the following: 

    • 3 huge plates full of rice,
    • a fluid-like mess that looked like eggs,
    • grayish chopsticks that would normally have a light brownish color,
    • a piece of sundried bread – hard like stone
    • lots of chilli sauce, flies and other creeping creatures,
    • cows right next to the chef in her open air kitchen
    • and lastly, a bunch of locals, who gazed at us in awe as if we were from another planet (they were either drunk or absolutely stoned)
  • further, we had a thrilling „business class“ ride on a bamboo train (according to Karl Platzer: it’s better than flying – great leg space and lots of fresh),
  • and finally we enjoyed a very special boat ride through a floating village (Kampong Chhnang), which was so remote that locals made us feel like the attraction of the day… we didn’t see any other tourists.

All in all, we had a wonderful time together! We were happy that my father enjoyed the journey as well, especially because the experiences where somewhat different for him too… So, who wants to visit us next? We are „on tour“ until mid-June. 🙂

thanks for the detour and thanks for the good times! Make sure that from now on you don’t forget to listen to your most favorite song once and a while:

What A Wonderful World


  1. Liebe Brigitte, lieber Robert, der Bericht war super zu lesen, ich habe immer noch gute Erinnerungen und ich moechte diese Erfahrungen nicht missen in meinem Leben, da ich auch gelernt habe ‚what a wonderful different world is existing, dieses Lied geht mir immer sehr nahe ans Herz, danke fuer diese Tage zusammen.
    alles Gute, Gruesse Dad

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