Verfasst von: rbontour | Februar 17, 2011

„Butt Aches“ In Northern Thailand

We actually stayed longer than expected in Northern Thailand, but we very much enjoyed the scenery around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The northern „way of life“ or the atmosphere up there is totally different than in the south. Less tourists, very quiet and we really liked that!

We figured the best and cheapest way to explore the two regions is by motorbike. Also we didn’t want to sign up for any organized tours. Firstly, tour group traveling is expensive – especially in Thailand. Secondly, you are much more flexible and „free“ if you plan your road trip independently. Therefore, we rented an enormously large HONDA scooter (which was excellent and Robert instantly fell in love with this thing), packed a small backpack and cruised around for several days. We picked a quite spectacular route – called THE LOOP – which is very  popular among motorcycle enthusiasts. And oh yes, it was a perfect tour and we have seen a lot in just one week…  though, the butt aches after 6 or 7 hours on a motorbike were not too much fun. 🙂

Well, there is not much more to say… and currently we suffer from „writing-laziness“. Anyways, we already posted several blogs about wonderful Thailand and shortly, there will be more stories about our crazy journey through Laos. Yep, Laos, a country where time is probably slower than in the rest of Southeast Asia and 21 hrs. bus rides can easily result in „dust poisoning“ and more butt aches…

Click here to see our Northern Thailand photos!


  1. Hallo ihr beiden,
    Haben uns grade im Bett (zu früh aufgewacht wegen Jetlag) euren Bericht durchgelesen und auch die Bilder angeschaut – immer wieder schön :-). Hoffen Robert vermisst seinen fahrbaren Untersatz nicht zu sehr. Bussi Ma & Dad

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