Verfasst von: rbontour | September 14, 2010

Wasn’t It Always Hot In All The “Baywatch” Shows?

Note: This is a story about the ‘weather’ and talking about the weather can be extremely boring sometimes… we know. Hence, this blog entry is dedicated – in particular – to our family & friends in Germany / Europe.

Our perception about California: summer, sun, beaches, surfers, hot days and cozy nights. Well, actually we were totally wrong about that and most likely we were really uniformed. In case our US friends read this, they most likely laugh at us, but we have to admit that we absolutely misinterpreted the weather in Cali. [Honestly, how could we think differently after watching all these Baywatch seasons with Mitch and his “harem”!? :-)]

We already mentioned that we found it extremely cold in Frisco. At first we thought this must be an exception, but then we started to look into the climate a bit more (thanks to our friends Blackberry, Wiki and Google). Luckily we are not the only ones with this ‚misperception‘ as it comes to a surprise to many “newcomers” to learn that within California there are a variety of climate, ranging from one extreme to another.

San Francisco was always a bit like a “dream city” for us; we thought it would be a nice place to live sometime in the future. Well, that changed a bit. It never gets really hot there… The average temperatures in Frisco and most parts of the Central Coast range from 13° C (56° F) in January to 21°C (69°F) in September. Adding the chilly winds of the Pacific Ocean means… brrrr… there is a “sweater necessity” year-round. Still, it seems that locals don’t feel the cold breeze anymore. We shivered when we looked at them: We dressed in long underwear, 2 fleece pullovers and thick woolen socks, whereas they dressed in miniskirts, shorts and flip flops! Aha… different cultures, different customs…

Supposedly, the best coastal location in Cali is San Diego (and Southern California in general) with average highs of about 24°C. Well, if the winds are less cool down there – we don’t know and unfortunately we couldn’t find out as our trip was way too short. For sure, we are not giving up on California, yet! Next time, our route might be a different one – hopefully without a pneumonia and much more relaxed!

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