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What The Hell Are Jesus Christ Lizards?

A "Jesus Christ Lizard" - proud and funny little creatures

We can calm you down… there is no Belizean sect that beliefs Jesus was reincarnated as a Lizard! The thing about Jesus started in the Iguana Conservation of San Ignacio’s best hotel “The San Ignacio Resort”. About 13 years ago, the resort started Belize’s first Iguana Protection Project. One afternoon we met Eddie – the “Iguana Daddy”. He takes care of these cute and neon-green little creatures.

Eddie, the Iguana Daddy, and Robert

Eddie, a really nice Belizean (who actually looks Mexican, so maybe a “Mestizos”, but we didn’t ask) and his team are responsible for nurturing over 100 iguanas. They keep them until they reach adulthood and then they release them into the river banks. Unfortunately iguanas are hunted and killed in Central America – locals crave for their eggs and the female meat, which is supposed to taste better than chicken. Hence, the project was established to educate the public (tourists, but also local school children and other visitors from Central America) that iguanas need to be protected as the animals are crucial for Belize’s river and wildlife.

As Eddie was an iguana fanatic, we finally had a guy whom we could ask about these crazy and fast running little lizards we constantly saw in Belize. Sitting on a tree they look quite normal – very proud – but we mostly saw them running extremely fast from one bush to the other. Or they are crossing a street in enormous speed. The strange thing is that they don’t use all four of their “legs”.

Iguana babies... they were cute!

They run upright and we immediately remembered the Road Runner – a  popular comic we used to watch as kids. So why do they call them “Jesus Christ Lizards”? Firstly, because they run upstraight like little maniacs. Secondly, with their special claws (like a frog), they can run over water… just like Jesus!!

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